Dr. Len's CBD Roll-On for Anxiety & Sleep

We have written about the role of CBD and pain relief in the past, but there is so much more that CBD is capable of. CBD has long been known as a remedy for those dealing with pain from chronic conditions, but more research is emerging on additional CBD and its capabilities. Other CBD companies such as GW Pharma have proven clinical results as they have already received final FDA approval which they have been charging an excess of $30,000 a year for their CBD product. For those dealing with sleep issues and anxiety, topical CBD roll-ons may be able to offer some desperately...

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Dr. Len's CBD Roll-On for Pain & Arthritis

As more research continues to come out around the benefits of CBD for pain relief, it’s clear that there is more appetite for natural ways to relieve pain as GW Pharma has already proven clinical results with their final FDA approval for their CBD product which they have been charging an excess of $30,000 a year for. CBD and products such as CBD roll-ons offer direct pain relief for both chronic and acute pain while being FDA compliant. This can include pain relief for arthritis, muscle pain, leg pain, and back pain.  Using the right CBD product is crucial when seeking...

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