Learn more about our CBD Roll-On

Dr. Len’s CBD is committed to creating high-quality a CBD Roll-on. Currently, we are America’s first and only Doctor/Chemist formulated CBD Roll-On. Dr. Len’s CBD Roll-On can be used for pain relief, anxiety, stress, and a variety of other reasons. We believe that CBD can positively impact patients dealing with chronic pain, stress management, anxiety, and other conditions. Our CBD Roll-On is the highest quality guaranteed, and we are proud of our formulations. Everything you see on our site is formulated by an in-house M.D. / PhD. This ensures that products are correctly blended and released and that quality checks are completed throughout the manufacturing process. We offer two different strengths as desired, and you can see from our reviews that customers keep coming back for our products after they try it. We’re proud of the impact that our CBD Roll-On have had on so many people. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of CBD and why roll-ons are so effective, please read our home page and our section on CBD Benefits in our blog which quotes various medical studies on CBD.

Why choose Dr. Len’s CBD Roll-On

As you might have already seen, we have chosen to create a CBD Roll-On because of the impact of our products on customers who typically immediately feel relief after applying our product. Our CBD Roll-On offers the fastest and highest absorption of CBD within minutes given our proprietary transdermal formulation which means you will not find any other CBD product like ours. Compared to other products such as CBD gummies, using a CBD Roll-On ensures that as much as possible can be absorbed over time in a FDA compliant manner. Other CBD items such as gummies and edibles only absorb a small fraction compared to our rate over the course of a few hours. We offer safe and effective CBD products that help with pain relief for many chronic conditions as that has been our highest customer base demographic.

How our CBD Roll-On is formulated

All Dr. Len’s CBD is FDA compliant and pharmaceutical grade, unlike gummies and tinctures, which are not FDA-compliant. We only use American-grown CBD for our products. All of our products are formulated and made in the US, with strict quality control measures throughout each step of the manufacturing process. The actual formulation of our CBD Roll-On is done by an in-house, US-based Doctor & Chemist. Both an MD and a Ph.D., our in-house doctor, is responsible for product development. We only sell CBD roll-ons that have passed our quality check as most other CBD product contain some THC our product contain’s zero/no THC so there is no chance anyone will ever fail a drug test as while most other product contain under 1% THC which is legal, many can still fail a drug test which will never occur with our products. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company in the United States with a U.S.-based Doctor/Chemist for formulation and product development control. At Dr. Len’s CBD, you can trust that our products are exactly what they say they are. We do not add any additional, unnecessary ingredients and strive to create affordable and effective products. We hope that our CBD roll-ons bring you the relief you are seeking. For any questions or further information, please get in touch via our contact page here.